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Katia is a award-winning Belly Dance performer and teacher based in the San Jose - San Francisco Bay Area. Born and raised in Russia, Katia has been dancing professionally for 10 years. During all these years, she was learning, teaching, and sharing the art of belly dance. It’s not only sharing of skills and techniques but also sharing the passion, the drama, the joy of woman’s ancient dance.

Katia enchants and captivates her audience with vivacious, dynamic and graceful style. Because of her bright personality, she brings a lot of energy and charm to her dance. She performs at Moroccan, Persian, and Indian restaurants and nightclubs through San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
Whether you’re looking to have the most beautiful wedding reception, hold a surprise birthday party that’s just a little bit different, or simply looking for a small gathering with family and friends, professional belly dancer is always a hit. Katia will help you skillfully and artfully make your party as a magnificent and unforgettable event.


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Belly Dance (Raqs Sharqi) been referred to as Dance of the Orient, Egyptian dance, Middle Eastern dance, or Arabic dance. 
Although reputed to be Egyptian origin and used to be widely performed in Egypt, belly dance is also performed in countries of the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine), the Maghrib Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya) as well as in Turkey and Iraq (Adra 2005).
Considered one of the oldest known dance with a lot of beautiful and romantic legends about its origin, belly dancing does not have reliable evidence and accounts of its history are often highly speculative. Belly dance in the Middle East used to have two different social contexts: folk or social dance, and a professional performer.
Belly dance as a folk dance is performed by amateur purely for the pleasure of the dancer and spectators in small circle of the family and very close friends. It is considered as a play and form of self-expression in a strict and conservative society. Dancers wear their ordinary clothes rather than a special dance costume. This folk dance may be performed by woman as well as a man or even together.

Katia-Professional Belly Dancer and Instructor in San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area

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